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Death is a horrible thing. We all know that at least one time in our life we have to deal with it. I want to talk about a friend of mine who recently died. He was an amazing actor, director, comedian, performer, and person. His life was hopelessly intertwined with the adult industry and all of the factions that it encompasses. I'm talking about our very own guide through hell, Jack Baker. Baker lived his life like his many colorful characters - on the edge and sometimes way, way over the edge. He always had something brewing and was hustling this and scheming that. Baker was a very amazing person. You could walk down the street with him and everyone would look at him and stare. They knew that they recognized him but didn't know from where. Then all of a sudden it would hit them and they would hit their friends and whisper "Hey man, that's the guy from those porno movies! Shit, that's him from those girlie movies!" And Baker ate it up. He loved to be recognized. Baker crammed about thirty lifetimes into his short-lived one. He was truly a legend.................


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