Review: Big Babies in Budapest

Produced and Directed by Patrick Collins

Cast: Babie Cakes, Anita Blond, Margot, Maria, Baby Doll, Lolli Pop, Victoria Queen,

Liza Turner, Mercedes, Frank Gun, Santivo Lee







This movie was a major disappointment. In the past, I took it as a given that any video from Elegant Angel would be enough to satisfy even the most ardent bone-stroker. While Buttman will always be my favorite, I have always appreciated Patrick Collins and his ability to put together a string of fuck scenes reeking of unapologetic sleaze. The output of Collins was indeed proof that U.S.A.-produced porn can equal that of European producers. And what better than Patrick Collins in Budapest, a city that has been responsible for a good deal of high quality porno since the fall of the Soviet Empire. But even with ideal girls and conditions under which to work, all will fail unless there is somebody who can motivate the cast to fuck with some gusto and capture it in such a manner that will be arousing on video.

Normally I when I review I do my best to identify the gals in each scene but since this video gave little indication of who was who I will forego that practice. To do so would mean going back and watching the video again, and quite frankly I don't want to do that. It is that bad. It really seemed at times that the folks making this video set out to do something nasty but there was this prude deep down inside keeping them from really getting into their primordial nature.

The first two scenes of this video are essentially identical. They both drag on for the longest time before any action at all occurs. What you get in the first scene are these three young ladies who are very attractive. But the intrigue stops there. For a good twenty minutes the only thing that happens is these girls change from ordinary dress into some sexy bras and panties. All the time these two twits are at the top of this stairwell chokin' their chickens. Once the sex begins, that too drags. There was a moment when it really looked like some serious fuck-and-suck action was in the making. One of the guys has the right idea and really gets into sucking on this chick's asshole. And as the scene unfolds there is a halfway decent shot of one of the girls sucking clean a cock after pulling it out of another girls twat. She only does it once though, and the scene quickly fizzles out after a couple of rather weak cum shots. The second scene does the same thing as it begins with a way-too-long dialogue of this moron attempting to get these three girls into going back to his apartment so he can photo them. Once he gets them back to the apartment the scene continues to drag while these babes slowly slip out of their clothes. Once the fucking gets going, it also drags on and on - even more than the first scene. There is one solitary ass-to-mouth shot but that is it. Also missed was a chance to get a classic cum shot. Near the end of the scene two of the girls are in a 69 while the guy humps from behind. At one point his cock slips out and it is rubbing up and down the gal's ass and pussy while the babe on the bottom is laying there just in the right place to catch a load of jizz in her mouth only if the guy's cock would erupt. Instead, the dumb fuckers change position, and in my estimate the scene was ruined

The third and forth scene are both one-on-one encounters that had potential but there is nothing out of the ordinary. The third scene concerns this gal whose family is going to be evicted from their house. To prevent this, she offers up a good fuck, and of course he accepts. This chick is a pretty good looking brunette with short hair and this nice round ass that while big is still nice and firm. This scene might appeal to those who love women with exceptionally hot asses as there are some great shots of her sticking it up into the camera while getting pumped. The next scene features this average-looking blonde who offers up an average fuck. One particularly stupid thing about this scene is that the stud never gets farther than opening his fly. His cock isn't that big to begin with and it appears to be even smaller than it is in actuality.

Scene number five features the best looking babe of the entire video. She's a leggy chick with short black hair who has a real nice tan. Tantalizing is the only way to describe the way in which this chick uses her gorgeous legs, rubbing them all over the guy and putting them across his lap. Once she gets out of her clothes we see that her near-perfect body is adorned with a tattoo around her arm and a very tasteful navel piercing. There are some nice shots of her sticking her emaculate ass up in the air as she sucks on his cock, and some more as they slip into a sixty-nine. Once the fucking starts this scene is pretty much over as the "stud" can hold out for just a few minutes

The sixth scene is another depiction of a young female being seduced. There is some interesting foreplay in the video for those of you who find food erotic as the guy slices open an orange and proceed to squeeze the juice over her body and licking it off. The babe here is a nice looking redhead. There are some great shots of her laying on her back with her legs high in the air getting her ass sucked. After some standard cocksucking she gets boned doggie style and while laying on her back. The ass fucking in this scene is halfway decent albeit too short. She is turned on her side with her legs held together, sticking her ass right in the camera so that her pussy is all nice and puckered up, one of the most erotic positions in porn in my opinion. Here, once again, they got the right idea but ultimately failed in their quest to show something really hot. Every four or five strokes the guy pulls his cock out revealing her dilated asshole. Once she is good and loose the guy attempts to shoot his load in her spread-open ass. But as you may have guessed, they leave us wanting. Somebody should go and explain to the person who is responsible that tunnel cum shots are a true delight but they only work if the guy actually CUMS. Here the fool shoots no more than a drop or two.

One of the big mistakes in this video was the lack of any music to help move the sex along. There is a little at the beginning of each scene to help set the mood, then once the sex is underway it's removed. A sex scene without music is risky business for a director/producer. In order for it to work the sex has to be especially hot. No ordinary fuck will do; the performers must compensate for the music with their pulsating and grinding bodies. Fucking of this fervor must be genuine. The sex scenes in this movie have some grunting and groaning but no fucking with inspired frenzy.

--Libertine Circus

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