REVIEW: Bloopers and Behind the Scenes

Release Date: May 6, 1996

Leisure Time Entertainment

Cast: Many and varied







One thing that I love about the porn industry is that it is capitalism in action. The market is vast and immeasurably diverse. To meet this demand, thousands of titles are released each year pinpointed at particular fetishes. This video however, is an exception to this unwritten rule. A novice might really enjoy this video because it shows a wide array of girls of various colors and dimensions. The footage is from the early '90s and some from the late '80s, giving somebody who is not to familiar with the industry a good ideal of what's available. Unfortunately it is hard to identify some of the babes as no names appear even on the box cover. There are a great number of girls who weren't around long to make many video and a few of them indicate that they have just started or this is thier first video. As a connoisseur of adult film, I was really taken with this fella just walking around the set watching the performers, technicians, director, ect., preparing for the scene. It gets boring after a while as this video is a lengthy four hours. Sure its great to look at all the gorgeous women, but to anybody who works in the porn business it obviously becomes just another job after time. This video could disillusion many who have fantasies about working in the adult video industry thinking it nothing but non-stop partying with wild chicks. Much of the time is spent waiting around while the film crew works out technical and lighting problems.

Between the extended scenes are a wide variety of outtakes, many of which are bloopers or various personalities waiting for the shooting, saying something witty, or making faces or the camera. Some of my favorites included:


There are several complete or partial scenes all of which begin with some unedited footage. These scenes vary in date and excitability. The vid starts out with this incredibly gorgeous brunette who (I believe) goes by the name ROXY RHODES. The only problem with the 2 year old native of Boston is that her tits are way to large (via augmentation). Other than that she is virtually flawless and is quite mesmerizing as she gets into various positions which highlight her legs and labia pierced pussy. Then the director tells her to get her pussy wet so she can go to work with the toys. Being a newcomer she doesn't know how to go about doing it until the guy she is about to fuck comes forward and licks her between her legs. At this point an interesting discussion ensues about how guys get fluffed and girls get buffed. At one point a guy gets into the action for some standard fucking and sucking that is interesting but not out of the ordinary.

The second scene was my favorite of the video. It features one of my all time personal favorites TIFFANY MILLION. It begins with a raw outtake of her squeezing a couple of drops of milk out each of her breasts. She then proceeds to give MIKE HORNER a real sloppy blowjob and he then reciprocates by licking her fully shaven snatch. What has always made MISS MILLION one of my favorites is that her body is so flexible and we see evidence of that here as she pulls both her legs completely behind her head while the lucky dude sucks her off. They then to fuck up a storm which ends with Tiffany having her tits made all wet and slippery although the scene was obviously edited down for times sake it was still a treat to see some vintage Tiffany Million and her bitchy, take-charge persona. I especially love the way she shoves his face into her gorgeous tits and then pulls him over to the couch when she is ready to have her pussy eaten.

The most raunchy scene in the video is a complete out-take from the legendary PUSSYMAN series. The editors picked out a good one; this babe is an exhibitionist that really gets turned on by letting people get a good look at her pussy. Unfortunately, I haven't a clue as to what this girls name is but I believe she was featured in volume #6. This golden hair blond who struts into Pussyman's office to audition looking like a walking wet dream. She has a firm athletic body and her ample firm ass is hanging out of her cut-offs jeans which is wonderfully displayed as she walks up the stairs. Before long she is out of her clothes, bending over and pulling her ass cheeks open, f fingering herself and then using some toys. She then gets up on the desk to put on a pair of pussyclips which keep falling of because her labia and clit (which are pretty chunky to begin with with) are too swollen and to moist. The action them moves to warehouse and ALEX SANDERS just happens to show up and before long she has his cock in her mouth leering at the camera. After some cunnilingus and missionary fucking the scene gets pretty hot especially when the gal raises her ass far into the air and gets humpped from behind. Naturally this leads to her ass getting fingered and then fucked. The cum shot in this one is first rate. Alex pulls out of her ass (unfortunately her hole isn't dialated) and shoots his gooey wad which runs down her freshly fucked ass and cunt. He then slides his cock back up her ass for a exquisite sight that is all to rare in my opinion

There are two scenes that are at best average. One is an out take from a vid titled THREE WAY and features (I believe, but could be wrong) JEN TEAL. It begins with some outtakes of the cast working on dialogue that that centers around how one can improve their tennis game if they know how to properly lick balls. Another scene features Teri Weigle (who is on the box of this video which to me is an indicator that this video is better left on the shelf) and TAMI MONROE (prior to the augmentation of her augmentation). If it were any girl other than Tammi I would have put the fast forward feature of my VCR into use. I quickly gave it up as TERI WEIGLE went into her moronic screaming frenzy combined with a mediocre sex. TERI WEIGLE also appears in another sizable outtake with two studs looking and sounding even more pathetic. I hit the FF button all the way through this one.

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