I interviewed Chloe for New Rave back a while ago and they ran it and the art on the piece sucked so back that I almost vomited. Kelly used to do really good shit but I guess he just got lazy and fucked it off. So I was angry at they way that they presenting it and so I stole it back right off of the website. So here it is with the way the pics were supposed to look. They were taken in the New Rave bathroom after hours. If the owner had known I was there he would have been angry. See I used to work there but I quit and went to New York for a week... read about it last issue. Anyway.... He didn't like the idea that I was still submitting stuff to the mag, which by the way totally blows fucking chunks now. ....enuff rambling and onto Chloe the Nastiest Fucking Slut On Earth!

Toby Dammit: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Chloe Nicole: I was born in 1971 in November. In thousand oaks California, and I grew up there. My mom still lives in the same house. As soon as I turned eleven I started hitchhiking down to hollywood. My ambition in life was to be a full fledged groupie to whatever band would take me. The band Poison took me. (ha ha)

TD: That's a good claim to fame.

CN: Well, they wouldn't touch me because I was under age. But, I lived there for a short period of time. That's pretty much my life story. What else do you want to know?

TD: I know a little bit about you. Basically some of the stuff you've done in adult. What brought you into adult?

CN: An ex boyfriend. You know I went back a couple weeks ago..... during the fourth step actually and it brought me back.... which is write down everything you've ever done in your life. Basically I'm right where I should be. Being a sex performer, being in the adult industry, I think it's like pretty much the way I've directed my whole life. I've always been like really..... let's start at where it begins. I first grade I got into an accident where it put the main focus of my entire being onto that part of my body... my vagina. I stratled the monkey bars and the impact was on my crotch and so at a very young age all of my attention as the result of a childhood trauma. So I got really curious about sex really early. I can remember looking at Playboy magazine and looking at them and comparing them to me and thinking "I don't look like that." because there was some damage, where my labia had split and grown over my vagina and all these other problems. So when I first had sex at age eleven.......

TD: Eleven???? That's pretty early.

CN: Yeah, I was curious and so I lied to the guy and told him I was fifteen or something.

TD: How old was he?

CN: He was nineteen. Yeah. I tried to have sex and it didn't really work. And being the eleven year old that I was..... it didn't matter that there was no penetration... I was sure that I was pregnant.. anything for the drama. So I ran off to the gynecologist and got a pregnancy test. And what they found in there was a lot of problems. I had a huge cyst in my uterus and that's what made for the belly. Because you could see that my belly was getting bigger. That's why I thought that I was pregnant. Even though I had never even had a period yet. My period came a year after that. Anyways, they reconstructed everything and they hooked everything down to where it should be. And in ballet class I think I ripped the stitches that were holding my labia and that's why now I have a floppy little labia. It's kind of cute. And they also told me that I had severe nerve damage to my clitoris. And that I would never have a clitoral orgasm. So then I went through all this counseling and stuff. So anyways... from like twelve and a half I realized that I didn't have a working clitoris. So I started looking for other ways to get..... my therapist were telling me that I should find more ways to giving pleasure than to receiving pleasure. which I thought was a bunch of shit. So what I started doing was experimenting win the fine art of penetration. Not even looking for things that looked like they would fit, I have this total obsession for inanimate objects. Like legs of furniture, bed posts, anything. I can remember like at age seven with crayola crayons. I was really into putting things inside myself. In my butt too. Because I wasn't experiencing pleasure with anything else. I think I had my first orgasm at fourteen. And it was from having penetration sex. I tried anal sex shortly thereafter. Didn't really care for it. In fact actually I didn't really care for anal sex until I met Ernest Greene and started training anally. That opened up a whole other world for me. Because it's another place that I can suck pleasure out of, so to speak. Because I don't have the right working female parts. So, there's a little bit about myself anyways.

TD: I guess so, it a nut shell. Did you ever have any problems when you were a kid? With trying to stick things up you? Did anything ever break off?

CN: No..... All the trauma came from the first incident. I haven't had any problems since then. Sometimes I masturbate and I hurt myself. In the Greg Dark movie Shocking Truth, the story I told about the eggplant, that was a totally true story. That really happened. There was this huge eggplant and I decided I wanted this thing in me. I was on the bathroom floor and there was lube everywhere and I was crying and stuff. I don't think I got into it that much in the video, but I was a mess. He had asked me if there was anytime when Self abuse had come into play and I totally did. I torn myself up doing that. But I did it. And I came! That's all that really matters. So it was like a self destruct thing. Ernest bought me this really perverse butt plug. I swear to god it was awful. It's huge... and it vibrates. He brought it home for me and I said "Gee, honey I think that's too big." And then one time when I was feeling like..... I don't know what it is..... it's almost like I was to rip... I just want to... just fuck.... in the worst sense of the word!!! I don't know how to explain it. And I just got at it.

TD: That's kind of like how your scenes are. Some of them anyway. Bobby sox was a little more subdued.

CN: Well, that was my character.

TD: I saw the Devil's Film and that scene was intense. The three-way with Sean Michaels and Marc Davis.....

CN: You saw That!!!! That's out? Yeah, o.k. that was the scene. You saw then.

TD: It is a shit scene... with the lighting and it's filmed horribly....

CN: See now, that is the best scene I think I've ever done.

TD: Yeah, the action is so intense!! You really feel like you are in the room when it happened.

CN: That's great.

TD: It doesn't feel like a movie, it fell like he documented something that happened.

CN: That's kind of what happened. I left there with he most incredible feeling. That was easily the most incredible scene I've ever done.

TD: Yeah... with the double vaginal.

CN: ..... the double vaginal.

TD: They were trying to talk you into the double anal.

CN: They think I'm ready... but I didn't think I was so ready. It was pretty cool. I don't know about double anals. I think I could probably do it too... I just don't think that there is anything so erotic about it. Personally. The idea it self is kind of appealing to me. But I would rather do something that is more pleasurable to me like a double vaginal. That felt so incredible. I can remember once with my ex-boyfriend, we had him, he's huge, and another guy with us and then we had two dildo. So we had a quadruple vaginal happening. I love pushing myself that way. It's not the length that's important to me, it's the girth. The roundness of it.

TD: You kept telling Sean Michaels to not go so deep.

CN: Right.... actually that day.. I was on the rag. So I had a sea sponge in there, and I was afraid he was gonna yank it out of there. He's got an incredibly long penis. Just like... it's like a foot. I love doing anal's with him. But really for vaginas... really the female inside is really only about four and a half inches long and they stretch to meet what's in them. I've never trained myself for depth. I've trained for the other way.......


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