This is a diary of each and every day of my life. Starting with the first day we were actually on-line. I know most of you are saying "What the fuck does that have to do with SMUT??? "Well, my fine feathered friends, my whole life is SMUT. Each day I run into tons of people that you would be interested in hearing about. So this is it. A way to tell you what the hell is happening here in Hollyweird and get a close personal behind the scenes tour. Check back each day cuz it will change all the time. Sometimes you will have no idea what I'm talking about. If that is the case then go to the day before underneath it and usually it's an extension of something I said then.

Feb 22, 1999

Hey there fella's. I was in the process of checking the site out and found that the Chloe pictures were not loading right... so I fixed it.... Check them out they're fab. Also I put up the interview I did with Glenn Danzig from Verotik comics. You all should be checking out their stuff. They have some of the fucking coolest adult comics out there. Satanika, Venus Domina, plus a wicked anthology series called Verotika. Glenn writes a bunch of the stuff and even drew the cover for the newest issue of The Albino Spider Of Dajette. Check out the interview... it's long and very informative. Check out their website too, cuz it's massive and has tons of killer art.

He also has the new album recorded. I've hear a few tracks and it sounds killer.... kind of on the technology tip that the last album was on... only in a more organic way. If that makes any sense. He is putt8ing the final touches on it now and it will be out soon. Also, just to let you know he just re-released the last alum in limited edition packaging. The album is kind of hard to find now, so if you didn't get it the first time around then hop over to their website and pick it up now. it's pretty limited so get it soon. Check out the comic side of his site too cuz there's lots of cool images and you can order all the books online.

Jan 4, 1999

HAPPY NEW YEAR Peverts!!!!!!! I'll be up at the C.E.S. show sulking around so slither on up and say hi! Thursday night at the RIO Sn City is having a bomb ass wing ding. Try to make it. It should be a stone clod groove baby!!!!

Oct 15, 1998

Not much to report: I do however, have a few new articles up for your perusal. They can be accessed at:

Check them out... cuz I wrote them and they're good..... kind of out of date, but good. Sorry Laura....

Sept 22, 1998

Well, being the smooth talker that I am I have jumped companyes again. This time I'm tearing it up over at Metro, in the art department. I'm still doing work for Sin City, but I have moved out and hopefully up. We;ll see if it is more fruitful than my last couple of tenures. Only time will tell. SMUT #4 is doing great, with no thanks to all of you. Come on live a little and treat yourself to one. Get one by sending five bucks to :

7336 Santa Monica Blvd. #641
West Hollywood CA 90046

Aug 13, 1998

I'm off to the San Diego Comic Convention to hang with Verotik publisher and all around creepy guy, Glen Danzig. Just kidding.... he ain't so creepy. Did you know that he is one of about two in the final running to play Wolverine in the live action X-Men movie???? Thought so..... anyway now you know. You should check out his web site for all the latest Verotik happenings. He has a couple movie offers in the wings and tons of other stuff I can't divulge yet.... you fan boys are just gonna hafta wait and see what comes next.

Why haven't any of you sent in for your new issue of SMUT??? It's out and it's great.... send in today! Only five bucks postage paid!

July 11, 1998

I know I have been promising you stuff and never coming through with it but once and for all here are the T.J. Heart Shots!!!! Her interview is in the next issue of SMUT the paper version, which is out by the way. Get one by sending five bucks to :

7336 Santa Monica Blvd. #641
West Hollywood CA 90046

Make check payable to SMUT or I can't cash them and you lose out. The new issue has tons of stuff in it. an interview with Chloe, T.J.'s interview, a huge thing on Elegant's Angels, an article on Backstage Sluts, a new interview with Patrick Collins about that whole debacle over there earlier this year. Anyway here are the pics of T.J.

I'm gonna be in Vegas for the next couple days. If any of you see me, come by and say hi. I shaved my melone, so I don't have the wonderful magenta I had, just a week ago. Sin City is having a party at the Rio tomorrow at 8:00 so come by and check it out. Just tell them Toby Dammit sent you.

June 9, 1998

I've been away on holiday, yeah don't I wish. So I couldn't post. Actually I was in England and France with Dick Nasty filming a bunch of fucked up British chicks. We spent the whole time in the hotel room filming. Kind of a waste of a trip if you ask me, but I wasn't calling the shots he was so I just shut up and pointed the camera towards the action. In France we didn't really have much to do, because we had gotten it all done in London, so we just schilled on the beach and ate up a fucking storm. The food is awsome. Nasty had brought a lot a fresh new chick T.J. Heart along with Guy DeSilva. We had a great time. Nasty was working quite a bit so it was usually justt me and T.J. chilling at the beach. She has some fresh ole hooters that she was flappin' in the breeze. They do that kind of stuff there! I was in heaven. I have some pictures on the way so I'll post them next week. I shot a bunch of 3D stuff too. I just got a camera about six months ago and this was the perfect time to really try it out. Here is a shot of Red Delicious from the set of Elegant's Angels Episode 2. You got to get out a pair of those red blue glasses.... if you don't have a pair.... your fucked.

April 16, 1998

Shit at this rate I might actually have a cool site in a few years..... Anyway there is a new interview up from the current issue of SMUT the hella long interview with Ernest Greene bondage director extraordinare. There are a ton of really funky pics to accompany the interview. If you are a member then you see them all in their splendor. If not, they all you get is a little thumbnail. Anyway check it out.

Members ---- Guests

April 15, 1998

I have a few new pics up. The whole Crew Slut archive can be accessed through the photos page here . If you don't have access to the pay side then you are shit out of luck and should join if you haven't already.... cuz there is hella cool stuff on the pay side.

April 11, 1998

It's been a while..... a lot has happened since we last talked. I lost my server, I lost my job, I got a new server, I got a new job ( a couple of them actually) things are starting to get back on track. I'm at Sin City now working on box covers. I love it. I can finally get to do some of the fucked up shit I've wanted to for years but couldn't. I have much more freedom than anywhere I've ever been. I'll keep you posted as things progress. I have a ton of new stuff to upload. So give me a couple weeks to get it all up. In the mean time you can check out the album cover I'm working on for Johnny Legend. If you don't know who he is then you are totally in the dark... about a lot of things. The short answer to that question is he is a friend of mine and a rock-a-billy singer. Anyway..... We shot a cover for him with Randi Rage and Red Delicious, who you might remember from episode 2 of Elegant's Angels. She was the chick who had the honor of walking all over me. Check out a whole page of goodies from the shoot at

The Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades!!! - Tim Buk 3

December 24, 1997

Well, a whole montha nd not a peep out of me.... sorry. Very hectic time. Got let go at Elegant. So now I'm kind of floating.... doing a box cover here an editing job there. Just trying to keep the ole' head above water. I may still do another Elegant's Angels, but the 9 to 5 job is gone. The magazine that I did there just didn't take off and they felt that they were barking up the wrong tree. But let's not dwell on shit. If you are going to CES, be sure to say hi. I'm gonna be scowering the floor looking for work. Here isd a shot of Yvonne from the Shane camp from a few years ago. This was a x-mas card shot that i never used. I plan to put a lot more time and effort into the website next year. I guess you could say that is my New Years resolution. So here's to a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cuz it can't be any worse than last year.


<../IMG SRC="images/smutbarbwire.gif" WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=29 X-SAS-UseImageWidth X-SAS-UseImageHeight ALIGN=bottom>November 18, 1997

So I finally fucking got Elegant's Angel's Episode 2 done. It's really killer. I'm really happy with it. So check it out on December 4th when it hits the streets. I also finally got the credit card processing stuff done on this here site. it is all up and running so if you are't a member yet you need to join right away!!!!!!! I have a bunch of new stuff up including an interview with this wacky guy named Weird Ferd and also The Amazing and All Powerful SHANE!!!!!! I was in the presents of greatness and needed a cool drink to calm myself down. I would just like to ........... anyway you get the idea. That's it for now. Check out the new stuff and check out The Elegant's Angels website if you haven't yet. Sales are steady and climbing.

October 13, 1997

Just Lot of really unintersting stuff keeps happening to me. Stiuff I know you all don't give a flying fuck about. So I keep not writing about it. I'm working on getting the buisness at hand. I went on the set for Backstage Sluts..... which is the follow up to Crew Sluts, the film I shot a year ago with Jef Hickey. He took the idea over to Zane and shot a new video with different people. But the idea is still the same combind the porn world and the rock world. This time out he actually got a few good names. Lemmy from Motorhead is interviewed along with El Duce of the Mentors just a few days befor he tried to hump a speeding train and got his nutsac (and everything else) squashed. Also a few other band I can't really remember which means that you probably have never heard of them. The one band I was really hyped to see was Insane Clown Posse. Somehow Jeff managed to score and on bus interview and they all stayed around for the three-way girl girl scene that unfolded after the interview. Insane Clown made the news recently when their album was pulled out of distribution just before it could go on sale by Hollywood Records, which is a subsidiary of Disney. They claimed the album was too violent and too harsh for them to release. Well, the clowns turned that into a rallying cry and the album is now out on Island. It's called the Great Milenko and it's amazing. They have been on the radio all over America talking about this movie. Very cool indeed. I still can't understand what the fuck Jef Was thinking not having me on board for this. I was the one that pieced together the first one and I think, for what I had to work with I did a pretty good job. I kept telling him we were gonna get fucked over and we did. Everything I said would happen did. That boy should listen to me for once in his drug laced life!!!!! Anyway here's a shot of the clowns with Julie Rage, Rayleen (probably the most gorgeous woman on the face of the Earth), and Brittany Andrews (roar!!!!!! stiffy city). I hung out with Brittany while she did her make-up and was really impressed with how together she is. I had sent her a script about this stripper who freaks out and mows down the audience with a machine gun, but she didn't like it. Wonder why. The day after the shoot she faxed me and said that she had a really great time and that if I had anything else wild, but not degrading, to give her a call. Very cool ass chick.

September 12, 1997

The site has been down getting the credit card proceeing up and running. Sorry for the delay. "I guess all we can do is say Sorry 'bout dat, and play you a song." Elegant Angels Episode 1 is out and doing pretty well in sales. Number two is in editing right now and should be out in December. Lets keep our fingers crossed. On a lighter note. There is a Elegant's Angels website. It's at . You have to answer the six questions that are there to gain axcess to the site and can download pictures and read all the bio info. Only problem is you have to watch the movie to get the answers to the questions. If you get stuck on something e-mail me and I'll try to help you out.

August 3, 1997

I just had the worst night of my life! I was arrested for a five year old warrent for driving on a suspended liscense and spent the night in Hollywood Jail. Scariest twenty four hours of my life. I am happy to say that I escaped (not literally) unscathed with my butthole entact. WOW that was totally scary. ..... anyway... on with porn... The arresting officers search my car and found all sorts of goodies pertaining to my job and questioned me on some beta tapes in my trunk. They were concerned that they may contain underage sex, because, as they told me "That's some serious shit." On the way to the station they quized me all about the business and asked about a few locations specificly that they thought shot movies there. I was as nice as could be seeing the situation that I was in. I got out today without my car which was impounded, and no idea how I'm gonna get it out. I guess I'll figure it out soon enough. I need some sleep, cuz, god knows I didn't get any last night!!!

July 8 1997

I'm in a much better mood today. Last night was the Elgant's Angel party at the Viper room and quite a few people showed up. I would have had it open to all you guys, but the room that they had us in was pretty small and it could have gotten over crowded really easily. Maybe next time. E-mail me if you would have come if I had opened it up to the public. I just might next episode. So anyway.... the fuck tape is all shot. All I have to do now is get the fucker edited. I have been putting the press kit together and have a few tidbits for you all. The first is the flyer from last night. The Party Flyer. The second is the first in a series of Ad slicks that I did. I predict that they are going to show up is Screw and any other small newspaper type publication along with any zines that get their hands on a copy.


I just got the latest issue of Psychotronic and there was a write up on SMUT in there. They didn't mention the website, but they are pretty far behind the times. Kind of cool to be mentioned though. Here's what they said:

DEEP INSIDE PORN STARS DEPARTMENT... Toby Dammit is proud of his vocation as a pornographer earning paychecks from his work on various X-rated films and writing for various skin mags. In his spare time, he edits the sublime SMUT, "the X-rated underground." The 3rd issue ($4.50 ppd. to Toby at 7336 Santa Monica Blvd. #641, W. Hollywood, Ca 90045) features an interview with porn vixen Shane, some insights into the strip club scene from Valentine and a behind the scenes look at Toby and Jeff Hikey's movie CREW SLUTS with plenty of nekkid cavorting by the film's stars Randi, Deva & Jackie.

Now I am a real pornographer..... cuz somebody called me one in print. Cool....... Anyway. Some fucker complained that there were no video clips.... sorry. I'll get working on it right away. I'll have a few up in a couple days. Feel free to use this banner to promote the best thing to come out of my ass in a while. And that's not saying a hell of a lot!

Oh.... I forgot to tell you all who was there last night.... Of course the three Angels showed up, Deva Station, Coral Sands, and randi Rage. Then Julie Rage came by with her husband Greg Steel. Up and Comming Director James DiGeorgio came by with a few of his sicafines (groupies). Then Coral's boyfriend Greg Alvez (the General Manager of Elegant Angel) rolled in with the rest of the Elegant Crew which consisted of: New black director Nicky Starks, Dave the warehouse guy, and editor Ron Bossman. Andy Load was back in Rochester NY and was unable to attend. Chloe and boyfriend Ernest Greene showed up for a moment and meeted and greeted everyone. Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols showed up to pay his respects to the mighty boss Patrick Collins. Who couldn't make it. Lemmy from Motor head also came by to pay his respects. Shawn Ricks was in the area and stopped by. Randi also brought a few friends. I can't really mention their names, but they were quite tipsy by evenings end and put on quite a good show. Babyman and Noel Utopia, who scored and costumed the movie respectivly, were at another even on their way over to our little soiree, when Noels skirt ripped all the way up the back. Being the sexpot that she is, she had no underwear on and needed to quickly depart to their car and by the time they had gone hope to change it had gotten too late. It was too back, because I was going to bribe babyman into tinkling the ivories of a nearby piano. He was busy tinkling a different set ov ivories....... A good time was had by all and if I forgot to mention you I'm sorry.... It was a little hazy.

June 28, 1997

Today is my birthday. I'm sitting here at Elegant Angel have no fucking money and little to look forward to. The only thing I have is this movie Elegant's Angels. And getting these three girls together all in one place at one time is proving to be fucking impossible. I still need to shoot some pick-up stuff and I can't because for the whole month of June they have been out of town. Coral started the month by leaving for a week to go sign on the east coast. Then Deva went to Hawaii for Vivid the day that Coral got back. Deva comes back tonight and Randi leaves for a week to do I don't know what. Then they are in town for a week and Deva goes out on the road dancing for two months. I just can't fucking win. I have a release party scheduled for Monday the 7th, because that is the only time they will all be together in four months. If anyone ever tells you that making movies is easy, just fucking punch them in the mouth and spit in their face. Anyway........ sorry I haven't written in a while, it's just that I haven't had anything to say. Things are pretty much back to normal around here. No more cops. Sunday is the Oz Fest, which is where we filmed Crew Sluts last year. Jef Hickey, the producer of Crew Sluts is still trying to get funding for Crew Sluts #2. He has all of these interviews shot, and no sex to wrap around it. The funky thing about it is that he already has a cable sale of the thing. I guess no one is willing to take a chance on a long haired fucked up druggy as a producer. I wish I could help him, but I don't have the dough either. I just got the new issue of DiRTY and I was furious. The cover story is an article on Shane. Then there is also a long indepth interview with Greg Dark. About 9 months ago I did an interview with Shane and Greg Dark, and they ran in the same issue. There are so many things out there why the fuck did they have to re-do two articles that I had already done. They also gave my erotic comics column to that fuck Gabe. They told me that they didn't have the fucking money to pay me to do it anymore, what little shit sum they were paying, and they just let him do it. I feel violated. I guess it's kind of justified that all those fuicks just lost their jobs. Yes... you hear right. The whole staff of New Rave and DiRTY just got axed. They all think that they are going to go out and get other porno jobs. But I have no idea where. I mean they were the antitisis of corporate porno. 9 to 5 pornographers. They went home at the end of the day and that was it. Man, sometimes I think that my life is so pathetic. I must be the only person in the whole business not getting laid. I work in an industry were everyone get some trim, and I'm a celibate fucking monk!!! It almost makes me want to just throw it all away and just start doing as many scenes as possdible. I know you all would really love that one. So happy Birthday to me.... and go fuck yourself.



June 11, 1997

Something has been brought to my attention that I need to comment on. It has to do with another company that is perpitrating a huge hoax of the world of porno. That company is one of the biggest in the business and should know better that that. The company is VCA and they are taking classic titles of Art films and doing sequels to them with different directors. The first was Devil In Miss Jones 6. The second is Cafe Flesh 2. Now this would not be so bad if they were just another porno film. I mean who the fuck really cares who directed Babewatch 9 or Ninja CPA 12??? But these two films are hailed as art films in the real art community. They are celluloid masterpieces rarely seen in the world of bump and grind, hoochie kochie action. Back in the mid eighties when Greg and Walter Dark took a classic porno tale and twisted it into their own vision of perversity, the world took notice. And let's not forget Rinse Dream, the best director that Porno has ever seen. Cafe Flesh is not a jerk-off movie. It is a piece of high-brow art. These two men double handedly made porn cool to watch again. They took porno out of the back rooms and showed it to a bunch of fucked up punk rockers and new wave hipsters. I mean what is the point of trying to re-invent the wheel???? How are you gonna be able to do a film any better that Rinse Dream? I have the utmost respect for both of these directors and feel that VCA should be blown up for trying to re-do these films. These two guys were the reason I got into porno. I saw their films back when they came out and wanted to be them. I wanted to make films that were as powerful as Cafe Flesh and Night Dreams. I wanted to be the guy that got to stick fucked up WALL OF VOODOO songs in a freaky girl girl scene. Rinse has never gotten his just deserts in this business and you all should go to hell for not watching his films. And to add insult to injury, in DMJ 6, they are using footage of Jack Baker and the rest of the cast from #3 and 4. Fuck VCA and fuck all of you that go out an buy these films!

June 7, 1997

So we have had a really rough week here at Elegant, but sorry to say I can't comment on it or anything else pertaining to it. All I can say is that I'm glad that it's all over and maybe now we can get back to work. Isreal will be sorely missed. So I have all of the sex scenes done for Elegant's Angels and now it's editing time. I went over to Super 8 Sound and checked out all of the footage that we shot for the opeing credits and I have to say that it looks fucking amazing. I was totally blown away with the whole thing. This is gonna be an amazing movie. I can't wait until it's done. Not much else to report. Rob is re-editing Ass Gas and is also doing the cut-down on his next film Forced Entry. There is some really disturbing stuff in it. Should offend tons of people. He is also working on Cellar Dwellers 2, which has P.J. Sparks and Jeanna Fine in it. Another bit of news, Andy Load has been promoted to Rob Blacks Production Manager. He is going to be calling the talent, building the sets and just generally helping out. So congratulations are in order

May 27, 1997

Went to a party at Rob Blacks estate yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day. It was a who's who of Elegant Angel porno. There was Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Ron Bossman, Andy Load, all the Angels: Coral Sands, Deva Station, Randi Rage, along with Nicky Starkz, Max Deniro, Stephanie Swift and husband showed up also. Derek Ridges from the britsh Magazine Loaded was there to document the event. Andy took a few too many hits off the five foot bong that he and Rob co-own and hit the fucking deck. I'm really pissed that I was late and missed this fucking travisty. I was, however there when Ron Bossman passed out in the lawn chair and everyone freaked out and thought that he was having a seizure. Tricia Devereaux jumped into action and checked to see if he had swallowed his toungue and assured us that he was fine (she went to medical school you know, to be a nurse, so she would know). Greg and Dave, the Elegant Angel shit workers, carried Ron into the house and set him on the couch. He woke up a few minutes later and started ranting and raving about a plethora of things. One of which was his conversation with Marc where he told Marc to watch out because his dick wasn't that much smaller that his and he could take over fucking all the bitches for him. We were all on the floor laughing so hard. Tommy Byron jumped into action and got his camera out and caught most of Ron ranting on tape. What a piece that was. We all died this morning watching the replay. I was suprised that Tommy got what he did becasue he was baked more than any one else. We then sat around watching MTV and caught the newest Sublime Video directed by none other that Greg Dark. It even said so right there on the screen. For all those of you out there that think the only thing that rob can do is offend people, you'll be happy to note that he can also barbecue a mean burger and hot-dog. He does, however, need to work on the barbecued chicken. It was a little dry for my tastes. We had a blast. Everyone was totally baked except me and Greg and Marc. We all got to know each other a little bit better away from the office and I think we all came away with a little something. Rob & Tricia, thanks for the great time!


May 26, 1997

So I just finished filming the last sex scene for Elegant's Angels. I've been here at the studio all fucking day long. Two things going on at once. Amazing amount of work being acomplished. I had a girl in make-up as I was shooting stills and then we traded off and everything was great. Totally hectic with five girls running around and then I had Sharon Mitchell come in to do some of the villian stuff too. In the story she and Chloe are the heads of S.C.U.M. which is arch rivals of The Agency. I love all this vague comic book shit. Anyway.... the scene that we shot was Chloe being interigated by Stephanie Swift, and the Angels, Deva Station, Coral Sands, and Randi Rage.... oh yeah I forgot to tell you the fucking thing has changed again and Randi is now an Angel officially. So the scene was a girl girl EXTRAVAGANZA. Chloe is the master dildo keeper and took three up the pussy at once!!! A triple vaginal penetration. Chloe is GOD. You all are gonna shit when you see this tape. I'll post pics when they come back.

May 24, 1997

WOW! I made the newsgroups!!! Amazing. Hello to all of you fucks from REC.ARTS.MOVIES.EROTICA. I never knew that you guys were so maniac. A couple things that I would like to clear up and state for the record. First thing Patick Riley is a fucked up asshole who obviously has an agenda of some sort. He hate me, hates Rob Black and hates ANREW LOAD!!!! How can anyone hate the Loadman?????? I mean we are a bit on the larger side, yeah this is true, but the great thing about the porno industry is that there is something for everyone. There is a place for us all. If you don't like me or them don't watch our stuff. I don't think that I have ever met Patrick, I may have, but I don't recall it. So for him to state that I was the second most disgusting person in porn only eclipsed by Ron Jeremy is kind of harsh in my opinion. But he's a fucking frustrated reviewer who wished that he was really in the industry. And if you have ever read any of his books, you'll know that he has a poison pen and anything that he doesn't like he attacks with a vengence. He has given me some of the worst reviews that I have ever gotten. What is this guys problem??? Rob and Andy want to know if Riley is a fag and is just obsessed with guys and their appearance or what? They would really like to know. I mean I don't jump infront of the camera and try to do sex scenes because that would be ridiculous. What is so bad about a nice, funny fat guy appearing in some of his own movies to poke fun at himself?? Is there a crime being commited here? What does this fuck have against fat people? Is he the adonis that he expects us to be? I mean he has made a career out of watching porno films! How much of a hunk could he possibly be? And why is singling us out??? There are plenty of other things that are fucked up in this business that he could be talking about, instead of wasting time being vindictive to people that the public could give two shits about. No matter what this fucker says we are all still gonna be here doing what we do and there is nothing that any of you can do to stop it. So Mr. Riley, get over it and live with the fact that you make no difference in this world what so ever. If any of you out there have an opinion e-mail me. So more facts for the record: Ass Gass and The Mystical Glop is going to be released. Patick Collins and Rob black sat down and had a father/son talk and worked out what needed to be done with the film. So it is going to be released in a tighter more Elegant version.


May 21, 1997

I don't really have anything to say today. So I'm gonna leave you with a picture from my new film Elegant's Angels. Which I'm shooting the last two scenes for this weekend. The first scene is with Nikki Lynn who is a scruptious new big titted chick that is being courted by VCA to sign a contract. The second is the Girl Girl Extravaganza with Stephanie Swift, Chloe Nicholle, Deva Station and Coral Sands. Should be pretty cool stuff. I'll post some shots after it's done. In the meantime here is that shot I was talking about.:

May 20, 1997

Well, here we are and I haven't been keeping up my end of the bargan. I said that I would be giving you something every day and low and behold, I have been squelching. Anyway.... Sorry man. I've just been pretty busy. So let me give you a little dirt. Rob Black's latest movie, Ass Gas and the Mystical Glop has been pulled. Looks like it's destined to be the long lost Rob Black movie. or at least for now. The movie was supposed to ship last week and the night before it was to go out, Patrick watched it and decided that it wasn't good enough to be put out under the Elegant Angel banner. They said that it was because the camera work was shotty, the lighting was horrible, the sex was pedestrian, and there was way too much of Rob talking. I took the film home and watched it and this is what I thought. Rob starts off the movie talking about his last movie War Whores and never stops talking about himself, his movies, his camera man, his girlfriend or anything else that pertains to him. It really is a study it self gratification. He states in the beginning of the tape that this is the second part to his trilogy of gonzo pieces. All of the scenes are shot in what looks like someones living room with blank white walls and tacky couches. All of the scenes have four or five guys and most have two girls. The only thing to make these scenes any more different than any other scene is that at the end of the scene all of the guys cum on a girls ass and then the other girl sucks it up with a straw. Which I thought was called Felching, but that is never said in the tape. Here are a few chromes of said long lost movie:


some of the cast of this travisty include, Black mainstay Tricia Deveraux, Stephanie DuValle, Alyssa Allure, Tia, Denise Peters, Anasis, and Erica Lockett. Along with Ron Jeremy, Dick Nasty, Jack Hammer, Jay Ashley, Claudio, and others.


May 7, 1997

Sorry that I haven't given any entries for a week or so. I've been really busy shooting this movie Elegant's Angels. We shot of Friday and Saturday. On friday we shot a new chick names Ashly Shye and an old friend of mine Max Deniro got back in front of the camera after a two year hiatus. He works with Rob Black here at Elegant doing set, shooting and editing. He basically is the guy that pulls the strings that are Rob Black. So that scene was amazing. She pulled off his pants and he was rock hard!!! The next day we had a location in Silver Lake. It was an apartment of a firend of a firends who is totally into stripper and tiki culture. They have all of this vintage furnature and stuff laying around. Very cool apartment. I shot Randi Rage and Julie Rage with Marc Wallace. He fucked the shit out of Julie's ass and then they both help Randi stick a bunch of dildo's in her ass. Very bitchen scene. We had then all up in sixties clothes and hair with the make-up to match. I'm trying to give this whole thing a feel of a 1960's movie. Very wacky, very colorful, very trippy without going over the edge. Pretty hard to do, but I have an amazing crew who is totally helping out. Here are a few pics from the last two shoots:



April 28, 1997

I shot a new bondage movie on Friday. Now, I am no bondage connoisseur so it's probably cheesy by bondage standards, but we sure did have a blast doing it. I got Deva Station and Jacki Lick to come in and spank each other and thown down a little. We had a guy who was supposed to come also but he didn't show so guess who had to do the honors and get his ass beat a little???? Well, Let me tell you that I was sore for days after the pumiling those bitches gave me. I love Deva to death, but she was totally fucking wailing on me. I'm gonna have to beat her ass next time I see her. They had me down on all fours with a saddle on my back. Then they were riding me around the room. We were all dying with laughter. Then Jacki commanded me to lick her boot and I lost it. That was it..... forget it man. Finally after a few swats with the whip I was drooling all over ther fucking boot. Then they changed positions and Deva started trying to get me to suck her toes. No way.... forget it. I reluctantly did it after a stearn lecture. They were really salty. We had fun and I got to roll around with them a little. Not bad for a days work.


x xx

April 23, 1997

So I edited the scene that i did as a test for Elegant's Angels and showed it to Patrick Collins, my boss, and he loved it. So the video is a go. At least for one volume. After the first volume is done, he's gonna look at it and then we'll see about a series. Sounds cool to me, man. I got the chromes back and scanned a few for you pervs on the net. So here they are:


The first shot is James DiGiorgio, the director/editor formerly of Sin City. He's shooting the series. Then Coral Sands who is the first Elegant Angel, then me in all my redness, then Tamara (this was her first scene ever!), then of course Dick Nasty. The last shot I'm holding the pussy light, not being a perv. I need your support and help with this series. let me know what you all think and give me idea's. I want it to be kind of a retro sixties, mod type thing. Even though it's named after a seventies t.v. show, I'm looking to get more of a Peter Gunn, Mission Impossible, James Bond thing going. Oh by the way Andy Prieboy formerly of Wall Of Voodoo is doing the soundtrack. Totally killer

April 18, 1997

Well, I finally did it. I shot my first scene as a test for this series. Things have been going crazy here at Elegant Angel. They decided that Cousin Bubba was not a good idea because there are two tapes out there already with the bubba stuff on them all ready. So we opted for something totally new. Deva is still involved and now we have added Coral Sands and Tiffany Mynx to the equation. The series is gonna be called Elegant's Angels and will loosely be styled after Charlie's Angels. Those three are going to be the Angels and I will be the Bosley character and Patrick Collins, our illustious leader, will be Elegant and you will never see him, just his voice on the phone. The first scene was with Dick Nasty and Tamara, a brand new chick who everyone here at Elegant flipped for. This was her first scene and it was an anal at that. Very cool, lots of positions and a creamy facial cumshot. I'll post pics as soon as I get them back. And when are a couple of you gonna e-mail me?

April 16, 1997

I'm shooting the first scene of Cousin Bubba on Friday. The scene is gonna be Dick Nasty and this brand new girl that he met, doing an anl awith Max Dinero. This will make Dinero's return to the acting side of the business. Back in the day me and Dinero and Coldwater used to be the team. I would shot the stuff and they would fuck the chicks. Dinero was in my first like five films. I think that this will be just like old times. Also, along with Deva Station I will be joined by Coral Sands and the second of the co-hosts. That should make for some interesting situations. Coral had only done girl girl so far and can be found in quite a few Elegant Angel releases. She was in Filthy first Timers #5 and #7, also she was in a couple of Rob Blacks last movies including A Week And A Half In The Life Of A Whore. Speaking of Whore, did you know that there are two different box covers for it? The original box has a picture of Kaitlyn Ashley being flanked by two white guys in pimp gear and big afro wigs and black face. She is holding a watermelon. There were a few video distributors that objected to this racist cover and so we did an alternate cover which omitted the two guys and just left Kaitlyn and her watermelon. Useless Porn Trivia #1. Anyway: here is a pic of Coral and a scan of the offensive box:


April 14, 1997

A couple things went down this weekend. The first was that I met with Deva Station and she was very into co-hosting Cousin Bubba with me. She is gonna be there the whole fucking time and maybe, just maybe she will jump into the action when she feels like it. Sounds like this thing is really starting to take form. Very cool.
The second thing was we all went out on a fishing boat on Sunday for, my boss, Patirck Collins birthday. It was pretty wacky. There was editor
Mike Cates and his wife and two kids, Tiffany Mynx and her husband Craig, Rob Black and Tricia Deveraux, Tom Byron, Delbert from Sodomania 20, Pat and his lovely wife Nicole Lace, Greg (the general manager) and his girlfriend Coral Sands, Ron Bossman ( the nightshift editor), Max Dinero (Rob Blacks production manager, set designer, all around guy), Miles (the wherehouse manager), DVD Dave (the Elegant Angel website guy) and me. We all got there at six in the morning and at about seven we set sail. Going out there the water got pretty choppy and it wasn't long before quite a few of us were hurling big time. I didn't hurl, but I felt pretty bad going out to the spot. Because of the bad weather and all we didn't get out there till about 10:30 or so. Finally we set anchor and dropped our lines. The guys that ran the boat were doing everything for us. Baiting our hook and all. I have only gone fishing once before and that was way back in Boy Scouts. I didn't catch anything at all that trip and I kind of thought that i just couldn't fish. Well, I didn't have my hook out there for more that three minutes and I caught a Sand Bass! I was totally stoked. We didn't catch too much out there, but it was alot of fun and we all had a blast. Some of us got real sick and ended up hurlking the whole time. Rob and Tricia were hurl machines. Miles got hit pretty bad and Even Tommy looked a little blue in the face before blowing chunks. On the way back to shore Pat busted out the birthday cakes and proceeded to stuff and huge piece of the strawberry cake into his wife Nicoles face. Later she retaliated by stuffing a big piece of the chocolate cake into his face. It was an all out cake war. The best part of the whole thing was seeing all of these people, including myself out of their element. I mean you have a boat full of porn stars trying to bait hooks and deal with slimy fish. I had a blast. I'll post some shots when they come back. Also be sure to wish Pat and Nicole Happy Birthday's. His e-mail address is

April 10, 1997

Got some really great news today. I've been given a trial scene to shot to possibly do a series here at Elegant Angel. So it looks like Cousin Bubba is coming out of retirement and given a overhaul. (for those of you not in the know, Cousin Bubba's Country Corn Porn was an amatuer series that I did about four years ago at Visual Images. Cousin Bubba was the predicesor to Uncle Roy, who got arrested after going on a panty raid at the local college. I had a sidekick who was Cousin Bobby Sue, who was actually Shelby Stevens ina very thin disguise) This is totally what I have been waiting for. I can't wait. I'll let all of you know the play by play once things start moving. An then you all are gonna have a back seat view of thew whole fucking thing. From the ground up. You will know about every shoot and every little thing. Also I need a new side kick, since Shelby isn't in a position to be doing it just yet. So let me know if you have any ideas for who I should get. Just be glad that you found out about SMUTZINE.COM when you did, could the ride is going into hyperspeed very fucking soon. Anyway.... here are a few shots of the meastro at wsork shooting DIck Nasty and some wacky bitch.


April 8, 1997

I just got the latest issue of New Rave and found that they butchered my Chloe interview. I offered to lay it out for free and they raised a big fucking stink about me being freelance and that I didn't lay-out stuff anymore. So I sent themthe pictures and they fucked them up totally and now they look like shit. Anyway... I guess that if you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Here is the second photo that I promised of Tiffany Mynx


The second pictures was from the photos I took of Chloe for the New Rave piece. We did them in the New Rave bathroom and they came out great. This one didn't find it's way into print so her it is for ytou to enjoy. That's me with her by the way. I really hate my job. I only used about a fifth of the interview for New Rave. becasue of space constrains and such. So the whole interview is gonna be in The next SMUT. Chloe is amazing and you should check out some of her stuff. A few titlse of hers are:

Cumback Pussy #1 - Elegant Angel
Fetish - Sin CIty
Saytr - Wicked
Surrender - Skin Tight
Extreme Noise Terror - Devil's Films
Bobby Sox and The Show #2 - both Vivid
Shocking Truth - Greg Dark Films


April 4,1997

Today Rob Black is shooting a Blow Job Movie and tons of girls and guys are trapsing around. We had Ian Daniels, who I know from his days as being Mr. Shelby Stevens, A bunch of new chicks, Ronnie came back making it three times this week. And then there was Ms. Buttwoman herself Tiffany Mynx. She is so amazing! And she has so fucking many fans out there. I found an old picture of her from a disatser shoot that I acted on from about five years ago. The scene was her and my old friend Geoff Coldwater and he was having a few problems that day. The couple stills I have from it are hilariously funny and very insiteful. Here is the first one. I'll post the other one tomorrow. Also... keep on the look out for Cheek to Cheek. Her newest extraviganza from The Elegant one. She directed half of it and there is this blowjob scene where she's jerking the guy off with her feet that is amazing!!! The whole scene is shot by the guy getting the blowjob, so it's p.o.v. Killer stuff.

April 3,1997

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I didn't really have anything to report. I did however find a couple shots of The girl I was talking about a couple days ago. Turns out her name was Jessica and not Jennifer. I was getting her name confused with someone else that was around at that time. Anyway. You can tell by the two pictures that she was really miserable. The first picture I shot in the back yard one day. I had some film left inthe camera after a shot and asked her to go outside to shoot off the roll. I thought that she would pose or something. But she just sat there looking horrible. The other is an overexposed i.d. shot. taken right after one of the scenes that she it. You can tell her hair is still wet, so she just got out of the shower after the scene. Very weird vibes coming off of these tow photos.


April 1,1997

Ron Jeremy was here today doing a scene for Rob Black's next movie "Gas, Grass and The Mystical Glop". They shot it in Rob Office and when they were finished Ronnie saw me walking down the hall and yelled out "Toby...." He still thinks that my real name is Toby because that's what I use as a nom de porn. He started asking me a bunch of questions about Jef Hickey a guy I did a movie called Tales From The Road: Crew Sluts with. I told him that we sort of had a falling out and Jef wanted nothing to do with me any more. Ronnie was kind of upset because Jef wrote an article in Hustler Erotic Video Guide totally slamming him and then the next month Jef wrote another article calling for the extermination of all porno stars over thirty that couldn't hold their own. And Ronnie was on the top of that list along with Mike Horner and Randy West, among others. Anyway. I got a poloroid for yall, but I couldn't get it scanned so you have to wait a couple days. The girl is Ericka Lockett and the guy is Ronnie. As if you didn't know. Rob was shooting a big orgy scene also with Claudio, Tommy Gunn, Tia, Jay Ashley and a few others that I didn't know. They haven't shot it yet, so when they start shooting I'll get a few snaps.

March 31,1997

I'm thinking of starting a cult. I mean I already got the website. And I know a bunch of big titted blondes, so I think I should start a cult were I, as the leader, have thirty wives and father a new race of super humans. It's just a thought. Anyway.... hope your Easter was good. Over at Elegant Angel we moved into a new building that had space for a studio. Our resident carpenter and man about town Isreal is getting the space ready to start shooting in. Rob Black, our resident wackadoo and vile film maker is scheduled to shoot all week. I'll keep you posted as to who come trapsing through. I might even bust out the polaroid to grab a couple shot of the bitches in the bathroom.... I'm sorry I didn't mean bitches, I meant ho's.

March 27,1997

So anyway on to part three of the story. Check out yesterdays entry for part 2, and the day before for part 1. So we kicked her out and then I had to go do some stuff. When I got home later that day I found Nicole, another girl living with us, and a Penthouse pet, by the way, totally stressing out. She said that Jennifer had come to get her stuf and was yelling throught the door that we stole stuff from her and that she was gonna call the cops and sue us and all of this shit. Nicole didn't let her in the house and waited till I got back. A little while later Jennifer showed up with a cop. We let them in and found out that we had forgotten a pair of her glasses that were in a drawer and that was it. She had made a whole big scene about nothing. She looked around one last time and left with the cop. And that is the last that I saw of her for a good three years. I always felt bad about the whole situation. I really wanted to help her because she was very troubled and needed someone to talk to. I also thought that she was really beautiful. Nasty and I saw her about a year ago at The Universal Studios plaza, going to a theater. I wanted to talk to her, but I thought that is would be best just to leave it alone. I also saw an ad that she had in the L.A Xpress, which is a sex newspaper that has escort service ads, stripper ads, and massage parlors. She had a small ad with her picture in it and a phone number. I guess that she was doing o.k., becasue she did end up writing some of that book and getting a tit job and stuff. I guess all I can do now is just sit and wonder.


March 27,1997

So anyway on to part two of the story. Check out yesterdays entry for part 1. She was a very troubled girl and it seemed like she wanted to talk about her problems but she could never get the words out. She would freak out at the littlest things like someone drinking her juice in the fridge or someone eating a slice of her bread. She was getting more and more insane as the weeks went on. She had no money. And she didn't want to do scenes to get money. She went for a job interview at a massage parlor and ended up fucking the guy. He hired her, but told her that she couldn't do this with any of the customers. Fucking hypocrite. She was angry that her room was basically a hallway to Nasty's room and he had to walk through it to get to his room. She felt she didn't have any privacy. Finally we just couldn't take it any more. Nasty was in France and it was just me and a couple other girls that were living there at the time. We got the o.k. from Nasty to boot her and sat down to figure out how we were gonna do it. We figured that what we had to do was get her house key away from her and then we would literally lock her out. So she was about to leave in the morning and Laura, one of the girls staying there asked Jennifer if she could borrow her key to so she could let her boyfriend in later on. Jennifer bought it and handed over the key. She walked out and paused on the porch. She came back in and asked for the key back. She had realized that we had tricked her. We told her that we needed it and it would be here for her later. She got real nervous and insisted we give the key back. We said no. It turned into an all out screaming match. We finally told her that she had to leave. That we couldn't take living on egg shells like this and that something had to be done and we were cutting off the foot to save the leg. She thought that I was ganging up on her and that I was the only one who felt like this. She looked to the other girls for support and found nothing. They stood behind me 100%. We all needed out of this crazy situation. She then said that Nasty let her stay ther and he would have to tell her to leave. We said fine and told her that he had O.K.'ed it and we would get him on the phone right then if that's what it took. She got totally flustered and stormed out of the house - without her key, by the way. We then packed up the little stuff that she had and set it on the porch. Part three the final chapter tomorrow.

March 26,1997

I just was watching the Jenny Jones show and saw a girl on the show that I used to know. She was on talking about being a Hollywood Prostitute. Apparently she was just a co-author of a book about Hollywood and celebrities that sleep with hookers. She looked totally different all make-up now and she looked like she had her shit together. Anyway.... it kind of got me thinking about the circomstances that I knew her in. When I met her she had no where to go and no where to stay. She was acquantance of porno actress Yvonne, who was a friend of mine and Dick Nasty, who I lived with at the time. We lived in a house and had a few other adult girls living with us. Yvonne called and said that this girl needed a place to stay and a job. We took her in a gave her a place to stay and the oportunity to do some scenes. Her name was Jennifer, but on the Jenny Show she was going by Jewel. She was very troubled and as she began to come out and talk to us, I felt like something very horrible had happened to her and she just couldn't talk about it. A few times I was alone with her and asked her what was wrong, that she could talk to me if she needed to and that everything was alright and no one was going to hurt her. She would look at me, start to say something and then NOTHING. I really felt sorry for her. She needed to let it all out and she just couldn't. Things didn't last there very long. She hated doing scenes, but was not making any money any other way. I think she only did five scenes or so. That's what she said on the Show. The first scene she did was for Biff Malibu, or Christopher Alexandre, with Nasty. She jsut layed there and Nasty had to physically move her up and down. She also had never shaved her pussy and was like a jungle down there. She didn't have any money for rent so she did scenes to pay for her rent. I can't really go on now.... I'll finish the story up tomorrow.

March 25,1997

First actual day that we are open to the public!!! Amazing. I thought that it would never get here. Anyway.... let me know what you think of the site and what you all want to see. I have tons of stuff and will be putting it up. First off, let me tell youa little about myself. I work at Elegant Angel doing a magazine and a few boxcovers. Most of there boxes are done by a company called Art Attack. They were the ones resposible for the Elegant Angel and Evil Angel "look". Now we doa few a month in-house and I'm the one that does them. I just finished Filthy First Timers #7 and did #6 last month. FFT is an amatuer series that is done by this freak from San Diego named Van Damage. Cool, guy though. He lets me do what I want with the boxes. I also have this zine called SMUT, and that is what this site is about. Old issues of SMUT had interviews with Sharon Mitchell, Taylor Wane, Shelby Stevens, Jack Baker, Kirsty Waay and many others. I totally ran out of issues, so you have to be online and in the know to see the stuff. So here you are. Hope you enjoy the site and if you're not a member od AVS, give them a look-see and join so you can come back and see all of the really cool stuff.

March 1st 1997

Well, this is the first fucking entry. Wow!!! I finally got this fucking site up and running. What a releif. I'm sitting here at Elegant Angel editing a really bad movie called Girls Who Beg. It's by my fucked up friend Geoff Coldwater. After directing some really goods stuff, like Lessons in Love and Goldenrod, why does he get involved with such trash???? I guess we all have to put food on the table. Look whose's talking!!! I'm the one sitting here at 9:15 on a Saturday night.

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