All right fuckers, this here is all of the shit that I have accumulated in the years that I've been doing porno films. All of it is thrown up here for you to wallow in. You probably have never heard of any of my films cuz they all really suck. They're all really low budget porno of the worst kind. But, that's not important. I have a blast doing it and I have made a bunch of really cool friends while making enuff money to survive.

So what is SMUT??? Well, SMUT the x-rated underground is this zine that I do which has interviews with all of the people that I know. And seeing as that I know a lot of porno stars, it just happens to be a porno zine. So far I've had three issues. The first two are totally sold out and the only way to see all of the killer stuff that was in them is to get on-line and indulge. #3 is still available so sent me $4.00 ($3.00 + $1.00 s&h to:

All of the pictures that are up here are from my personal collection or I have been granted permission to use. So download away, just don't upload them anywhere else.

That's it for now. I'll check back in a while to see how you're all doing. Free free to e-mail me with any questions or comments that your assholes might have.

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