There is this guy that has a cute little web site called Weird Ferd. He has all sorts of wacky shit on it. The highlight of the site is the Flash Mountain girls. He has "aquired" a bunch of shots of people flashing their tits on the Splash Mountain ride at Disney Land. He posts one a week. He also has a flasher contest and post one winner a week also. He has some wacky video clips and a series called The Monorail Girl which is a chick getting undressed on the Monorail again at Disney Land. She seems a little drunk and is all to willing to show us all she's got. Recently Ferd got kicked off of his home at, and then got booted from Earthlink. So this is his third and hopefully final resting place. He just started Club Ferd that is a members only section of his achive. It's only $5.00 and you should just fucking join right now. That way you don't have to wait for any of the pics. I tracked Ferd down and asked him a few questions and this is what he had to say.



1.Tell me a little bit about yourself and your site?

I built the site in the fall of '96. I learned HTML when I was recuperating from brain surgery (Had a tumor a little bigger than a golf ball). I was weird before that, though.

2. Where did the Flash Mountain shots come from?

Can't say.

3. Has anyone from Disney ever contacted you?



4.What about the kids riding in the car with tht topless beaties? Do you feel that you are exploiting them?


5. Do you feel like you are exploiting the women?


6. Who is the monorail girl?

A real Beauty

7. Can I have her number?


8.I love your site, but I hate the fact that we have to wait a week to see the new pictures.

That's the fun of it. Kind of like TV.

9. Any plans for new splash mountain girls?

I wish. Disney has cracked down.


10 . What's the differnce between flashing and streaking?

Flashers don't run.

11. How can people send you flashing pictures and will they be put up on the site?

E-mail them by clicking on the animated ICON on the contest page. A new one gets posted each week.

12. You should have a section for all of your wacky background pictures. They are amazing sometimes.

That's a good idea.

13. What about putting up some quicktimes?

There are some on the old Tripod page.


14. What are you feelings on pornography?

Doesn't bother me. Ferd's collection isn't porno, just R-rated stuff

15. Where would you recommend viewers go to see more flashing pictures like the ones on your site?

I don't know.

16. Is that really you winking oh so slyly at us?

Of course.

17.Are you just a dirty old man or what?

Not so old!



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