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I believe Latina women to be the sexiest women in the world. It should be no surprise that I was immediately captivated by Francesca Le when she first appeared on the scene in 1992. Her looks and personality were pure peaches n' cream. They exuded a persona of innocence that almost made me feel ashamed to watch her on video. Over time though, I rented every video she appeared in and what I have seen strikes me as unique, almost non-existent. This was not just another young women performing sex acts on video; here was a sex goddess for the ages, the type Greco-Roman myths are built upon. Despite some outrages performances (most notably her gangbang and sintillating anal scenes) Francesca never shed her persona of innocence as most starlets do once they've been around awhile. Instead this sublime contrast created legend of erotica. Francesca Le has managed to do what few women in history, much less modern erotica, have been able to accomplish. She is capable of joining the two halves of women, Mary the blessed virgin and Mary Magdalene the harlot, becoming the complete or ultimate woman.

Francesca's latest release "A Cum Sucking Whore Named Francesca" has stirred up a bit of controversy in regards to its content. There seems to have been many a fan who were disappointed at the way Francesca was presented in this video and perhaps they were trying to make her look bad. As I see it though the legend was enhanced. Disillusioned fans were hit, quite literally, right-between-the-eyes by Francesca's dual persona of the sweet, young innocent, and the Whore of Babylon revisited. The fact that she so disillusioned her audience suggests her ability to assert control over the sexual realm. The film relayed this message though move vividly. In one of the outtakes that appears in the latest video, Francesca talks of how she coordinated the sex scene for a video she worked. Apparently she got somebody to work for an astonishingly low price. Right at the moment she concludes this little tale she grabs her foot and stretches her leg up high over her head, signaling her success and cunning. This was not planned, it was spontaneous and body language does not lie. This woman has the gift.

Most girls who enter the adult video industry easily fit into either the harlot mold or the blessed virgin mold. Not to say that a legendary sexual performer cant be from one of these stereotypical classifications. Debi Diamond is the harlot image personified in its ultimate glory. Yet it is hard to imagine that she once was an innocent young girl. Amber Lynn, Tiffany Million, and Erica Boyer exemplify the harlot. In comparison, Tiffiny Mynx is a standout of the innocence persona and would have a hard time being a domineering bitch even if she wanted to. Angela Summers, Sierra, and Britanny O'Connoll fall into this category. The only other adult video starlet who ever came close to projecting the duality image was Ginger Lynn. It is rare because it is inborn. It cannot be cultivated. Just as person who cannot paint will not be a painter. Or a person who cannot write cannot be a writer. It is a timeless talent that inspires awe. And thank-you Francesca for being you.

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