This is just a taste of cutie Kirsty Waay. To get the whole thing you gotta join.

TD: Alright, it's rolling. Do you know what time it is?
KW: Is that the first question?
TD: Yeah' I don't have a watch.
KW: It's 7:58.
TD: 7:15?
KW: 7:58.
TD: Okay, cool. Ummm... let's talk about how you got into the business, you're fairly new. A couple of months?
KW: About 5 or 6 months.
TD: 5 or 6 months? That long, really?
KW: (laughs)
TD: Okay, you said earlier in the day you'd done like 40 movies.
KW: 30 to 40 movies.
TD: Really? How did you do so many in that short a time?
KW: I worked a lot!
TD: Do you do more than one shoot in a day?
KW: Sometimes.
TD: Really? How do people do that, I've never understood that.
KW: Well, for a girl it's easy because you don't have to pop (so to speak), and all we need's a bottle of lube to keep ourselves going.
TD: Don't you, like, get sore?
KW: Yeah, that's when you take a couple days off to recuperate.
TD: Oh, okay, all right. So what lured you into this,?
KW: Actually, if you'd asked me about seven months ago if I'd ever be in these movies I'd have told you "no way." My boyfriend was doing it, he'd been doing it for about a year at that time.
TD: And your boyfriend was?
KW: Rick Masters.
TD: Okay.
KW: We'd been going out a year I should say, he's been in the business about three years. One day we kind of...
TD: (interrupting) Did you know that he was doing movies?
KW: Yeah...
TD: From the very...
KW: From the very beginning. He was very honest with me, he told me straight out. I basically felt like if I couldn't deal with it, I had no business falling in love with him, so, I did and don't put that in the magazine!
TD: Then don't say it! Okay...
KW: No, you can put that in, that's okay. I just don't want to build up his ego too much!
TD: You're probably gonna trash him in another two or three minutes, so...
KW: Yeah, trash hard.

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