1. No Doubt Page: Blast-Off
2. New Rave: My former day job: Blast-Off
3. DRYWALL Homepage: Stan Ridgway's newest project: Blast-Off
4. Voluptuos Horror Of Karen Black: Kembra Pfhaler is a Goddess: Blast-Off
5. Pop Will Eat Itself: Tons of info on the Poppies: Blast Off
6. Reel DV8: Cool b-movie site maintained by 2 scream queens: Blast-Off
7. Asia Carrera's Funny Ass Persoanl Page: Blast-Off
8. Nicki Lewis: Everyone's favorite Britsh Tart De'Jour Blast-Off
9. Ginger Lynn: Ginger Online????? WOW! Blast-Off

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