You all know that Shelby Stevens and I are friends. We have gone to concerts together. We have gone out to eat together and shit like that. I feel that if I asked her to do something for me that she would probably do it if it wasn't too out there. I think she knows that I would do anything she asked without any hesitation, right? Well............. now we come to an interesting story. Shelby has, for the past four months been going to make-up school. She feels that her days behind the smut screen are coming to a close and wants something for her future. Wonderful, because now I can always hire her on sets, and see her more now than I ever did. So, she has to take her final exam. She asks if I would be a willing subject to get tested on. I said, without hesitation mind you, that I would. I missed a FULL day of paying work so I could go get manhandled by Shelby Stevens all day long! Not bad work if you can get it. I figured that I would bring the still camera just to document the day. So the night before we are talking and the subject of what the fuck she is gonna do to me comes up. She runs down the list:

Then she tells me that I'm gonna have to shave my goatee off!!!! NO! What are you doing to me? My life is flashing before my eyes............ but, like a fucking sucker, I did it. Ain't it crazy the things that we do for art?

I show up the next morning just in time to see her first victim of the glamour makeup exam running screaming into the street. Well....... not really. We go in and cram all into this pretty small room with a bunch of other victims and potential Stan Winstons. I had to take off my glasses so I couldn't see a god damn thing. I thought that one of the other make-up wannabe's was cute, but couldn't really tell. So we start.............. Shelby slaps me upside the head with this bald wig. Puts it on and starts applying the makeup to it. I soon discover that because of the cramped quarters, she has to get real close and ends up rubbing her bulbous breast on me all day long. That made it much more bearable. To say that Shelby was nervous would be a big understatement. But, when she was done and had been checked off, the instructor commented that hers was the best head in the class.

After lunch we came back and started on the rest of the shit that they had to do. I just sat there all day, as she rubbed her breast all on my arm and on my back and on my other arm and on my leg and......... oh, she also applied some make-up, but I didn't seem to notice. So after everything was done and all had been graded, I put on my glasses. I saw the one I thought was cute and she turned out to be a fucking fox! So we're sitting there cleaning up, pulling large chunks of hair off of my face and I ask Shelby about her. She says "Don't even think about it. Get your mind out of the gutter. She's only 19 and would never do porno." "What!?! What did I say? I just asked about her." "You leave her alone, she's too young to even consider." I thought it was funny at the time.

So that is my story of a day with Shelby Stevens rubbing her breast on me and me fantasizing about her make-up classmate. I gotta tell you that she really owes me big for this one. I was pulling wax out of my ear for a week!



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