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During a recent trip to Las Vegas for a convention, Miss Sharon Mitchell and I drove together. After three days of kissing ass and signing autographs for all of the fanboys, she let down her hair and got totally fucking ripped. During the inebrated ride back to the City Of Angels she started talking about life, the universe and everything. This is what she said:

TOBY DAMMIT: O.K. It's rolling.
SHARON MITCHELL: How do we know it's rolling?

TD: Because I pushed play and record.
SM: Well, we've done that before.

TD: O.K. I'll check It.

TD: You have got forty five minutes and then we have to stop and switch sides. So what do you want to talk about?
SM: I don't know. What do you want to ask me? You want to interview me so bad, so now is your chance. In-depth interview, I'm fuckin' stoned out of my mind, my name is Sharon Mitchell and I do SMUT. I love it, I'm a living legend and I'm going through a mid-life crisis and I'm fuckin crazy and I'm.........

TD: Longevity...... How do you achieve that in the adult industry? How have you achieved it?
SM: How have I achieved it? Just hanging on to some dream. Something that I thought was a legacy. You see,....... I always wanted to be a bad girl. When I was a little girl I didn't know whether to be a cheerleader or a greaser or a hood. So I smoked pot around the corner of the school and I wore black lace underwear under my cheer leading outfit and I did both.

TD: You were a cheerleader?
SM: Yeah I was a cheerleader. Anything to fit in, anything to be noticed, anything to feel like I was being watched. When you're a skinny little girl with big feet and a big nose you want attention.

TD: Did you get it?
SM: Yeah I did. You know why? I was good. I was light, I was limber, I was athletic and I was talented.

TD: What are your dreams? As it stands right now in 1994? Have you fulfilled all of your dreams?
SM: I fulfilled everyone else's dreams. I fulfilled a dream that I probably had a long time ago, I just didn't know it was a dream, I just kept doing it. And now you see, right now........... I'm at a real big cross roads. I laid the law for a lot of people, I've set the standard for the business. And I just feel like it's fucking itself up so bad. I'm in a bad place............ I always wanted to be a bad little girl. I always wanted to be a bad little catholic girl. I got what I wanted, made a lot of money. I was into some very industrious people let's say. Got what I wanted for at least ten years. And I made it work for ten years more than that. And now it's running out.

TD: Is it you or the business?
SM: I don't give a fuck, I am the business. It's in my fucking blood, I am the business. I found a niche. I'm a talented actress, I am a talented dancer, I am a trained dancer, I am a trained actress. I ain't talking about dog training, I'm talking about Shakespearean and Martha Graham. I'm talking about the good shit. I chose to be here. This is my niche. Because there ain't nothin like looking through that little piece of blackness and knowing that you are gonna be spewed into thousands and thousands of people and help their sex life, or help them jerk off, or whatever the fuck, make them forget about their problems for five motherfucking minutes. And that's my goal, to help other people. So I got to ride on that for a long time. And it made me feel good and it made me feel like a star and I made lots of money and I was pretty and I wasn't selfish, I was helpful and a very good person. And now I don't know what to do because you see, I'm coming around that forty thing and the business is as it is and the time is the time and that's the facts.

TD: Yeah, but you said something to me yesterday that was very important. You said that for the first time in your life you've found true love. Right?
SM: I have found true love.

TD: So doesn't that transcend any of this other bullshit?
SM: It does....

TD: No matter what happens tomorrow. It they pass some law tomorrow, or even right this second that says you can no longer make porno movies, if you do you will be shot.
SM: You see, you're talking about the difference between real love and the love of something that you live for. I am in love with someone right now, I am in true love with someone right now, and I'm getting used to it. Because I've never experienced it before, let's face it. It's been the boyfriend/manager or the girlfriend/production manager or whatever it's been. I've never been able to let myself go and just be in love and accept love. It has never been enough for me. I wanted the attention, I wanted to be the image that Miss Sharon Mitchell is. It's really what I fuckin' live for. And if it all died tomorrow, the porno industry, I would pine and whine and cry and morn over my love. It made me what I am. It made me everything, it's my fuckin' life. And I'm hanging on. I'm a late comer, I come to success late. A Capricorn........ and I'm a "Let's take the easy way out" type of person. But, I'm real inspired at times and I do get my point across in things that I want to do, and in things that I produce and direct. And I do it for the public, but, you know what I really do it for is me, because I have a line in on the public.

TD: Well, you're part of the public too.
SM: I suppose so.

TD: See I've always had that idea....... People have always told me that movies that I want to make or the movies that I make are kind of dumb and they don't fit in.
SM: Yeah, they fit..... the movie you want to make fit in twenty years ago, when inspiration was inspiration.

TD: Maybe, but, people always tell me that nobody wants to see the stuff that I want to make.
SM: I want to see the stuff you want to make, but do you want to make money?

TD: I always tell them that if I want to see it there have got to be other people out there that want to see it too. So if you do what's true to your heart you will have a following no matter what.

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