Toby Dammit: So, where the hell have you been the last couple of weeks? You've been going' all over the place.
Shane: Umm, yeah! Not really though. A little bit. I went to Chicago, then I went to Tahoe for my family reunion, and now tomorrow I'm leaving for Atlanta, Georgia to go sign during the Olympics.
T: Wow, that's cool. So, you have two tapes out now and one that's being edited?
S: Yep, well actually we start editing the third one tomorrow.
T: Well that's cool
S: YAY! And not only that but after we're done editing this one, when we start number four we're going to mandatory condom.
T: Oh really?
S: Yes.
T: Why is that?
S: Umm, because we're trying to gear the video's towards youth, and we're trying to set a good example and condoms should be a definite part of everyone's sex life if they're having sex recreationally.
T: Right.
S: I mean if you're involved in like a relationship it's different. But, you know. You know. Thereís no cure for AIDS and once you got it you got it.
T: Right.
S: So we're going to mandatory condom, we want to set a good example.
T: Ok, that sounds good. So when you and Mr. Butts split up..umm what made you decide to do your own stuff and not just like maybe like work for other people.
S: Well, umm I didn't want to work for anybody else. I don't like working. I don't like people telling me what to do, especially when it comes to who I should be having sex with and when. You know what I mean? And I know that I'm perfectly capable of doing it myself so, why the hell not? Why should I let somebody else make all the money off of me, you know? Seymour already did that. Enough! Now it's my turn to make some money.
T: Well that's cool. So, how would you say your tapes are geared towards? Is there a specific niche that you're looking for?
S: Well, most of the tapes I think are geared, like not ours, but all of them in general, I think are geared towards like the male age 25-40, and I think that the horny bastards will buy anything as long as the sex is good so we're trying to gear ours towards like the younger generation and towards women, and we're just trying to make them fun and kind of MTV styled, you know, kind of fast and silly and corny and fun.
T: Ok. Were you nervous when you directed your first one?

S: Oh my god, yes. Totally. Well, I was nervous because... Well, I knew I could pull it off, but I wanted it to be good, you know, but it's going very well. I'm totally stoked! I'm really happy.
T: Well, that's cool.
S: Yeah.
T: So tell me a little bit about Yvonne.
S: What do you want to know about the tramp?
T: Well I knew her like a long time ago or I've known her a long time, and when I first met her she didn't want to do anything.
S: I know!
T: Have anything to do with movies.
S: You know what, I feel that she's a lot happier.
T: Oh really?
S: She's totally out of control! She's like, she's worse than I am.
T: Really? I didn't think that was possible.
S: Oh, you wanna bet me!? She's really bad. She called me the other day to tell me "Yeah". Well, ok, let me think of a name to use. Ok,because I can't really use anyone's real name.
T: Right.
S: "So, like I went over to Bill's house yesterday". And I'm like, "You did?" She goes, "Yeah, I fucked him and his roommate!" And I'm like, "Oh my god, you're so bad!"
T: Unbelievable.
S: She's the worst. But last time she went to go get one of her AIDS tests, because you know we have to get 'em done every 30 days.

T: Right.
S: She like blew someone in the waiting room while she was waiting.
T: That's horrible!
S: I know. I love it!
T: You've unleashed a monster!
S: I know! But Seymour kinda did that for me and so I kind of did that for Yvonne.
T: In what way did Seymour unleash you?
S: Umm, well he's like the first person, or the first boyfriend I guess I ever had that was so open about sex, you know?
T: Uh-huh
S: Like, I mean, I didn't even really talk that much about it with anyone like before I met him.
T: Right.
S: I was always sexually curious and doing stuff, you know what I mean? But not like to such an extreme.
T: Right.
S: And, so that's kinda cool.
T: How did you actually meet Seymour?
S: Umm, well I was living up in Sacramento and umm, I had a girlfriend up there and we rented his movies.
T: Right.
S: Rented a few of them. Well, she was familiar with them, I wasn't. She actually introduced me to his movies. So, we were watching them and it kinda looked fun. So, one day, I got a wild hair up my butt and I borrowed my dadís video camera and we made this little tape of my girlfriend masturbating.
T: Right.
S: And we sent it to him, and umm, he used it in his movie, and so then, I made him another one of me masturbating but I wouldn't show my face since he never used to in his old video's.
T: Right.
S: Umm, he was just a voice behind the camera and youíd see his fingers pop out every now & then.
T: But, he was in that Buttman movie before he ever did anything. Before he did his own tapes.
S: Yeah, yeah, yeah. But I didn't know that he was in the Buttman movies. I mean, I wasn't familiar with the industry or anything.
T: Right, right.
S: You know what I mean? I was up in Sacramento for god sakes!

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