SMUT: The first thing that I wanted to ask you was, it's been about a year and a half since people have seen any new stuff on you. I heard that you were doing your own stuff for mail-order.
S: Could you tell us a little bit about that?
T: Well, not just mail order. It's being distributed through the normal lines. It's called Secret Diary. It's gonna be in next month's AVN, the ad for it. It's just....... I don't know what it is. What is it, Laurien? It's all fantasies. It's a movie of fantasies. I wrote fantasies the way they would be found and I put them in the settings that they would be found in. I think it looks really good, you know. Some people do stuff and they say, I don't know, just say it's a vampire thing and they're in a hotel room, ya know? They're never in fuckin anything that looks like a castle or a dungeon or something. Unless, of course, it's a Paul Norman movie and they spent $40,000 on it. So anything that I did, if it was supposed to be in a certain setting then I built the setting for that particular fantasy. I took the whole day to shoot it. And probably two or three days to build the set, so I only shot one scene a day, to make sure that it really came out right, and came out hot. And I think it did.
S: So this is one movie?
T: It's one movie but it's got five scenes. Five different fantasies. It took a while to shoot, because I had to shoot one a day and two or three days to build the sets.
S: Are you happy with the results?
T: Yeah!!! I'm ecstatic with it. It looks great. And the box cover is beautiful. I just saw the separations on the box cover and it's beautiful. So I'm really happy with it.
S: Is this the direction that you want to go in the future? Your own stuff, other than like working for Vivid or whatever?
T: Well, right now I think this is good for me to do my own stuff. It's a lot of fun, too, making my own stuff, especially the way I'm doing it. I got into a thing where I'd done so many movies and a lot of them were just one day movies and they really weren't that much fun, you know. They were minimum scripts. They were just one day movies, they're cheap movies that are done quickly. And they're not very exciting to do. Except for, of course, I always enjoy the sex, but sometimes you even need a little more than that to look forward to the next project. So the stuff I'm doing is more
S: It's more from the heart.
T: It' not just from the heart, they're my fantasies and the fans that write me, it's their fantasies. It's also a lot of fun creating the whole scenario, and building the sets for it, it's a lot of fun doing it. I don't really have a "story." I do have a premise why everything is going on, but ..... I don't have a script, the pizza man comes around and I don't have any money. It's not that kind of cheesy thing. It's just a lot more fun than that. It's more fantasy oriented.
S: I remember when I used to talk to you before, you are very into your fans and giving them what they want. I think that's really great. A lot of the girls don't even consider the fans as people. So I think that a very good thing.
T: One way or another, they are still people.
S: I think a lot of the girls try to disassociate the business with their fans. That they don't want to admit that people like that like them. So what do most of your fans see you as? A porn star?
T: I'm not just a porn star. I'm Taylor Wane you know, I'm just me. Whether I'm fucking in a movie or I'm dancing on the road. When I'm dancing on the road, I'm a dancer. Basically to the guys who don't watch porn I'm a dancer, I'm a feature girl, I'm a dancer. If they don't watch porn I'm a magazine model. There are guys out there that collect my magazines, they have never seen a movie, to them I'm a magazine model. To people who watch porn, I'm a porn star. I'm a lot of different things, I'm not just Taylor Wane the porn star, I'm also Taylor Wane the magazine model, I'm Taylor Wane the woman, I'm Taylor Wane whoever you want me to be. Because, initially what Taylor Wane is is a fantasy. And I'm a way for people to release their sexual pent up frustration. A way to release everything. They can have fantasies about me. They might not like porn stars. See this is the thing, I don't want to aim at one market. A lot of guys out there don't like porn stars because they are too slutty. I don't mean that porn stars are sluts, I mean that they don't want to imagine that their dream woman fucks everyone. They want to imagine that their dream woman is the girl next door. She hasn't fucked anybody, or she's only fucked one person. And she could be a secretary or she could be a nurse. So I want to fulfill the fantasy that I could be this woman who is a make-up artist or is a secretary who posed for these magazines. Cuz that's sort of raunchy too. Cuz I don't do it all of the time. I'm not trying to hide the fact that I am a porn star, I just don't go around yelling it all over the place. I'm what you want to see me as.
S: Do you think it's hard to live up to what people perceive a porn star to be, or do you even worry about it?


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