Review: Zane's 10th Anniversay Orgy

Staring: Nikki Brandtz, Missy, Nicole, Tracey Love, Alex Dane, Raven, Daleny, Alex Sanders, Jay Ashley. Sean Rider, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters, Kyle Stone Mickey, Dave Hardman






The store I rent my videos from (Front Page 2, Pontiac, Mich) is an outstanding store with alot of title turnover and varieties catering to every fetish. There is always enough stuff on hand so that I always get something that is worth of my time and money. This is why at first I was reluctant to rent Zane's 10th anniverasary special. In the past some of there offerings have been worth watching but nothing to keep me going back again-and-again. But because this flick features my current favorite, Nikki Brandtz, I thought I would give it a go and am thankful I did. This is one of the most intense videos I have come across in a while.

From opening to close this vid is nothing but one extended orgy scene that is well edited (credit for which is given to "the funky fun bunch")with no parts of it dragging. I have seen this formula before and have been disappointed. Zane though has managed to make this one work. There is something here for everyone as the sex is considerably varied and the camera moves from one mass of flesh to another about every 2.5 to 3 minutes. So much action is going on in this video that in order to see it all one has to really watch it at least twice. While the camera is focused on one couple or group, there is something well worth seeing in the background. Somebody had the great idea to turn off the airconditioner and the reslult is alot of bodies shinning with sweat which acts as a natural lubricant to help the partygoers slip into their various positions. What I personally liked was: Lots of spitting and saliva dripping everywhere. Especially hot in Missy sitting a guy about ready to do cowgirl and amply lubing up the guys cock with her drool. One shot of Alex Sanders spitting into a dialated asshole (of who I'm not exactly sure). Especially cockhardening is Miss. Brandtz doing her ultra sloppy blowjob routien which she has turned into an erotic artform in the short time she has been in the biz. There is lots of finger-fucking and some toys. One shot is especially hot this chick (I think Tracey Love) getting worked over good with and anal probe and then the guy slides in a butt-plug and as he starts moving them around he really opens her up wide. NASTY. The performers all really love to sport-fuck not just for themselves by for the camera and get themselves into some really kink laden positions. Often it looks as if they are playing Twister for porn stars. There are standard double-penetration scenes as well as double-pussy-penetration. And the music really compliments the screwing but is not so overwhelming loud that it drowns out the grunting, groaning, and moaning of these people that really seem to be enjoying themselves. This one is well worth the effort.

Be aware that the box of this video is says that there were only 5,000 copies of this video produced. This may just be a cynical marketing technique. But if this video sound like it is for you I suggest you get your hands on it know before its too late.

--Libertine Circus

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